From Eden in Genesis, to the cross in the Gospels, all the way to the New Jerusalem in Revelation, there winds the thread of one constant theme.  That is the theme of grace, forgiveness, and mercy.  Jesus sees this theme with such importance that He imprinted it into us through an indelible picture of The Teacher washing His disciples’ feet – the incredulous act of taking other’s offenses against us as our responsibility.  What’s more, in this call of a seemingly “upside-down justice”, Jesus assures that we will be blessed if we do it.

Ephesians 4:11-13 helps us see that the more we embrace this theme of washing each other’s feet – for the functions of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, and pastor/teacher to work in unity – the closer the Church will manifest the fullness of Christ.  We can only start to imagine how this blessing will influence the 7 societal mountains, make disciples of nations, and radiate the beauty of Jesus’ Bride to the end of the earth, so all who see us will want to join us.

Through the many years of straining to articulate a Kingdom strategy and to mobilize the “10,000 market place soldiers”, God has finally taken us to a place of seeing this simple truth:  Jesus has predicated the Church’s power and influence on our ability to overcome offenses in the body, through the washing of our brother’s and sister’s feet – of taking other’s offense as our responsibility.

MTC 2016 seeks to establish a platform for raising up Kingdom standard bearers of the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  Why?  because these are the outflows of grace, forgiveness, and mercy, the elements that encompasses the washing of feet, the elements that builds the body for it to manifests the fullness of Christ.

Unresolved offenses are some of the most stubborn impediments to Church growth today.  In that also stands the greatest opportunity for standard bearers of grace, forgiveness, and mercy to rise up and paint that truly extraordinary picture of the Church.




以弗所書4:11-13 幫助我們看到,如果我們更用心地接纳這個彼此洗腳的主題——让使徒、先知、傳福音的与牧師/教師得以同心合一地發揮功用——教會就越能全然地彰顯基督的豐盛。這個祝福將會对社會的七座山造成我们意想不到的影响、使萬民做祂的門徒、並使耶穌新婦的荣美散播到地極,以致於所有看到我們的人都想加入我們。


MTC 2016 尋求建立一個平台來兴起一群神国的楷模,在他们的生命里结满圣灵的果子——仁愛、喜樂、和平、忍耐、恩慈、良善、信实、溫柔和节制。為什麼呢?因為圣灵的果子就是恩典、饒恕和憐憫的流露、是使我们愿意委身为他人洗脚的关键、也是建立教会肢體以彰显基督之豐盛的要素。